This treatment is only available to men aged 21 and over. Those fortunate enough to look under 25 may be asked for ID. The right is reserved to refuse treatment without any reason being given. Despite some of the images on this site, this treatment is available to men with all body types; it is the inner person and soul, and not the external appearance in which we are interested.

How Much?

This is a not for profit enterprise. I charge a standard £30 which covers the cost of hiring the treatment room a little extra to cover additional costs such as this web-site. However I do not like to turn guys away who genuinely cannot afford the full £30. So if you want to offer less or a service in exchange please discuss it with me at the time of booking.
Please note that many believe it is important to keep a balance between giving and receiving and that this helps the healing process by keeping the energies in balance.


Treatment rooms are arranged through The Holistic Health Clinic in Beaconsfield Road Brighton (map). Their rooms are easy to heat to a cosy temperature!

How Often?

There is no set pattern as to how often you should receive this treatment. It may actually take a few days or a week for the full benefits to take effect. For a particular issue they may be a benefit from coming every two weeks for 3 to 4 sessions. Or you could just book another session when you feel one would help, in a month or two or six. It’s really up to you to listen to yourself and do what feels right. Repeat visits get a reduced rate of £25.


Sexual energies are part of spiritual energies and such energies may be present during the session. An erection is a natural bodily function and nothing to be ashamed about; it may even enhance the healing energy. If it happens it will be respected and valued, but this treatment is not about sex, so there will be no intervention from me.

Base Chakra

If you have read my description of healing circuits, you may have a concern. I talk of the possibility of making a circuit with either your or my base chakra. This is typically located on the perineum (between one's balls and anus) a very intimate area.

However, it is of utmost importance that the client is at all times comfortable with what is happening. Before starting we will discuss in detail what you are comfortable with and what you are not. The treatment can always be modified to a less intimate area. It won’t work at all if you are not relaxed; so better a lesser energy than none at all.


I have to give notice to the Holistic Health Clinic to cancel the treatment room. Therefore, if you need to cancel or change your appoint, I require at least 2 days’ notice (by Friday for Tuesday appointments). If you cancel after this time, or you don’t show, there is a charge of £18. This full amount applies even if I have agreed to a reduced fee.