Chakras and boxes

Tradition says there are seven colours of the rainbow when there is evidently an infinite number. Similarly, they say there are seven chakras. Maybe it’s better to think of an infinite number, with increasing “frequency” (I don’t have any other word) which goes from the base chakra (survival) through all the states traditionally taught (pleasure, self-esteem, love, self-expression, intuition) to the highest frequency (connection to spirit) in a spectrum of infinite subtlety.

Likewise, learnèd gurus talk of different layers of the body of man; physical, astral, mental, ethereal, spiritual. Again, we all need to see it as we need to see it, and I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way. If it feels right, in your heart, then it's right for you.

Healing Circuits

When I’m healing I scan the client to sense the chakras that need attention. This does not mean that if I feel drawn to your heart area you necessarily need help with your love life, nor does it mean you have physical heart problems. Reiki healing is about balancing the physical body with the spiritual body. I do not know why I am being directed, only that I am. I trust in the “higher intelligence” to send it to the required place.

I also strongly believe in healing circuits; that I am being inspired to make channels for energy to flow through and around my body and the client’s body in a particular way. This is not like a simple two pin plug, but more like 3 phase electricity flowing through multiple connections. I may put my third eye on your heart and a hand on your crown and the other on your base chakra. Or I may sense your hand needs to be on my base chakra. By these means, I create healing circuits which seem to have much stronger energies than the traditional Reiki hand positions.